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LMI Gocator: 3D Made Easy

28 Jul 2011

Since March 2011, we have been the sales partner of the Canadian manufacturer LMI and have been featuring its intelligent 3D sensors called Gocator in our product range. These innovative products have very good technological potential.

The range of possible uses for the intelligent 3D Gocator sensors from LMI is extremely broad. One of the strengths of the sensors is that the user can easily carry out tests on a wide range of objects to check for possible defects, using measuring tools that can be used intuitively. It doesn't matter whether the test items are simple or complex metal or plastic parts on a conveyor belt or rubber profiles, for example in tyre manufacturing: The Gocator impresses with its easy integration into the production process and its uncomplicated handling. It allows one or even several tests to be carried out simultaneously, in order to calculate, for example, heights, widths, angles or other features of the test objects quickly and reliably.

Even more powerful in the »Buddy Mode«

A powerful option is the »Buddy Mode«: When required, two Gocator sensors can be combined to form a single system. In this »Dual Sensor Configuration«, the acquired profile data from the two sensors are then simply combined. This method can be used, for example, when the test range of one sensor is not sufficient and you want to enlarge or double it. When you want to inspect objects before and after a production step, it is also possible to connect two Gocator units one behind the other, in order to check whether the process was successful. Another possible use of the buddy mode is to set up two systems opposite to each other, in order to measure the overall dimension.

Flexible configuration with SDK

To facilitate setting up systems with several Gocator sensors and obtain better adaptation, LMI has equipped the Gocator SDK with a tool that allows flexible configuration of the sensors used as a function of time. This tool helps the user avoid errors that may be caused by the laser line from a different sensor in the system. Apart from this tool, LMI has also improved the associated Gocator software in other respects. Thus, you now have the option of comparing a test object to a saved pattern. This allows you to classify the test object very simply as OK or NOK part by entering the tolerances.

Dynamic Exposure Control

Interesting solutions are also offered by the new Dynamic Exposure Control, in which the Gocator adjusts itself when the colour or the reflectance of the test surface changes over time.


Burnaby, Canada

LMI Technologies is a leading manufacturer of non-contact 3D smart sensors for inline factory automation, quality inspection, and material optimisation applications.