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Allied Vision Technologies releases expanded product range

17 Oct 2011

At VISION 2011 in November, AVT presented a number of new products including a new camera series for outdoor use, new models with 29-megapixel super resolution, as well as high-speed, infrared and cooled CCD cameras.

Applications such as traffic or security monitoring still constitute a significant market segment for traditional machine vision cameras and systems. Outdoors, however, cameras are subjected to great temperature fluctuations and changing light conditions. To meet these demands, the Prosilica GT can be used in environmental temperatures of -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 149°F). Moreover, it is equipped with a Precise Iris and DC auto-iris lens control that adapts adjustments according to changing light ratios, whether due to weather, time, or season.

The Prosilica GX6600, the Prosilica GX family’s new top model is equipped with the new Kodak KAI-29050 Quad-Tap sensor. This high-resolution (29 megapixels) sensor delivers outstanding image quality and sensitivity with low noise. Thanks to its double Gigabit Ethernet interface with Link Aggregation Group, the Prosilica GX6600 can handle immense quantities of image data while maintaining a transfer rate of 4 images per second.

Also new to the Prosilica GX family is the Prosilica GX2750. It makes use of the new Sony ICX694 CCD sensor with 6-megapixel resolution. Thanks to ExView HAD technology, this sensor offers especially high sensitivity and image quality. The Prosilica GX2750 delivers a rich 19 fps (frames per second) at full resolution thanks to its GigE LAG interface.

New technologies for new market segments

With the acquisition of German camera manufacturer VDS Vosskühler in Osnabrück, Allied Vision Technologies now presents a significantly expanded camera and technology portfolio, now available for STEMMER IMAGING customers.

Among the highlights is the Bonito, a new high-speed camera model with a 4-megapixel CMOS sensor and Camera Link interface that delivers up to 386 fps at full resolution. High-speed cameras with global shutter sensors are suited for demanding applications for the inspection of still and fast moving objects.

New as well to the AVT family are NIR/SWIR and LWIR infrared cameras. The four Goldeye (near-infrared) and Pearleye (long-wave infrared) models make what is invisible to the human eye visible, which visitors of the AVT booth could see for themselves in impressive product demonstrations. Using infrared cameras, for example, they can see through certain materials or generate a thermal image of an object.

For applications requiring especially high image quality, the cooled CCD cameras of the Bigeye family complete the AVT palette. With the aid of built- in Peltier cooling, the sensor is actively cooled and noise is minimised accordingly, in particular with long exposure times. Cooled CCD cameras are especially favoured in demanding industrial and scientific applications.

Allied Vision Bigeye - Peltier cooled, low-noise CCD camera
  • Peltier cooled, low-noise CCD camera
  • Excellent image quality
  • Peltier cooling for superior signal-to-noise ratio
  • Even for very long exposure times
Allied Vision Goldeye

The compact cameras with their active thermo electric cooling sensors provide low-noise image quality, even with very long exposure times. Comprehensive I/O control and a particularly robust housing predestine the Goldeye series for use in industrial applications.

Allied Vision Prosilica GX - Powerful and compact CCD cameras with GigE Vision interface
  • Compact camera with Progressive Scan CCD
  • Resolutions from 1 megapixels to 29 megapixels
  • Different trigger versions
  • Data rates of up to 240 MB/s thanks to Link Aggregation Group technology and two Gigabit Ethernet ports
Allied Vision

Stadtroda, Germany

For 25 years, Allied Vision has been helping people to be faster, more precise, and more efficient in whatever matters to them. From raising production standards to detect diseases faster, proving scientific theories true, monitoring traffic intelligently or simply knowing who crossed the finish line first – with their technology and expertise, Allied Vision helps customers to gain insight by seeing more and hence be more successful in what they do.