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Carl Zeiss: New models with exceptionally low chromatic aberration

19 Oct 2011

Carl Zeiss new cine Distagon T, lenses T 2/25 ZE (EF-mount) and ZF.2 (F-mount), have exceptionally low chromatic aberration with a large aperture.

This benefit becomes apparent especially indoors in confined spaces as they provide high optical quality with all apertures, allow excellent colour imaging even for quick moving objects and in low light conditions.

No more Chromatic Aberration

Carl Zeiss’ optical designers were able to practically eliminate chromatic aberration by introducing a special design utilising custom materials. Specially selected glass types and the incorporation of two non-spherical designs prevent colour fringing in high contrast images. This allows the Distagon T* 2/25 to effectively combine compact size with a large initial aperture.

Carl Zeiss Anti-Reflex Coating

Complex machining and coating of the lens edges as well as the Carl Zeiss T* anti-reflex coating increase light transmission and minimises stray light and reflections within the lens ensuring a high contrast image reproduction with excellent colour reproduction.


Oberkochen, Germany

Carl Zeiss AG is a long-established German manufacturer of optical equipment. Founded in 1846 and originally located in Jena, the headquarters are now located in Oberkochen in the South of Germany.