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Datapath: Five new capture cards

19 Oct 2011

UK-based Datapath expand their portfolio of image capture cards by five new models.

Beside evolutions of the existing DVI PCI-Express video capture cards VisionRGB-E1s, E2s and VisionSD4+1S, Datapath introduced two novel Frame Grabbers; VisionDVI-DL and VisionSDI2.

Datapath VisionRGB: improved performance

The enhancements for VisionRGB-E1s/E2s and VisionSD4+1S bring mostly performance improvements and a higher maximum data rate of up to 650 MB/s.

DVI and SDI image capture cards

The VisionDVI-DL Dual-Link DVI image capture card and VisionSDI2 two-channel capture card for 3G-SDI cameras are new products developed completely from scratch. The VisionDVI-DL card provides sufficient performance for resolutions of up to 4k x 4k, thus enabling the capture of any DVI source. The VisionSDI2 is a two-channel PCIe-HD-SDI image capture card. It supports the SD-SDI, HD- SDI and 3G-SDI format at a maximum data rate of 650MB/s.

Various application fields for Datapath video capture cards

There are various application fields for these innovative video capture cards, such as medical technology, marine technology, broadcasting, entertainment, security technology and high-end video conferencing systems. The free manufacturer's SDK guarantees simple integration into the application.

Datapath Vision

Capture cards capable of capturing from various image sources with a large video capture memory capacity.


Derby, United Kingdom

Excellence by design: Datapath are world leaders in the field of computer graphics, video capture and video wall display technology and you will find their products within ground breaking, critical and high-profile applications all across the globe.