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Next Generation 8K Linescan Machine Vision Camera With Wide Dynamic Range

9 Jan 2012

STEMMER IMAGING can now offer the Teledyne DALSA Piranha4 8k, 70 kHz linescan machine vision camera. This is the first in a new range of linescan industrial cameras that offers exceptional precision, speed and responsivity. This versatile industrial vision camera can be used in a wide range of applications, such as flat panel inspection, printed circuit board inspection, web inspection (narrow and wide web), solar cell inspection, parcel sorting and high performance document scanning.

Utilising Teledyne DALSA’s latest high performance CMOS dual linescan sensor, the P4 8k features 8096 pixel resolution with increased line rates up to 70 kHz, delivering 573 MPixel/s through the CameraLink machine vision interface. The sensor architecture is designed for high throughput applications, with a high dynamic range and more than twice the line rate of previous models.

Teledyne DALSA's novel dual linescan technology combines signals from two parallel arrays of pixels to increase responsivity and reduce the effect of shot noise at low light levels. This gives a significantly improved signal to noise ratio to improve the dynamic range of the sensor.

An advanced GenICam™ compliant machine vision interface makes the industrial camera easy to setup, control, and integrate into production environments. Precise sensor alignment across X/Y/Z axes allows reliable, optimised performance in multi- industrial camera systems. Machine vision camera functions such as exposure control, flat field correction, white balance and gain settings are fully programmable.

Teledyne DALSA

Waterloo, Canada

Teledyne DALSA is one of the largest companies serving the machine vision industry and is unique in that it is vertically integrated; from sensor design and manufacture, through image capture and processing, to software for imaging optimisations and analysis.