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Fast CameraLink transmission over long distances

19 Jun 2012

Phrontier's PHOX-F family allows CameraLink transmission rates over distances well beyond conventional technologies.

When the CameraLink standard entered the market a few years ago, the fastest conventional cameras operated at a maximum 40 MHz pixel clock frequency. Since then, this rate has more than doubled. It is well known that the transmission rate affects the maximal cable length and this also affects CameraLink cables if they are to transmit data from a CameraLink base or a full camera with 10 taps x 8 bit.

According to the specifications, a standard copper cable can only deliver a transmission rate of 83 MHz. Depending on the environment and the situation, this can deteriorate even further, for example, if the cameras are used in ‘Full’ CameraLink configuration.

This is exactly where Phrontier’s new fiber-optic extenders by come into play. The new PHOX-F family of products allow transmission rates of 20 to 100?MHz at data band widths of 10?Gb/s or 1250?MB/s.

All camera configurations (Base, Medium and Full) are supported with up to 10 taps x 8 bit. Depending on the optical cable (LC Duplex OM1-OM3 or LC Simplex) this enables data transmission lengths up to nearly 10?km. Using the LC?Duplex version with OM2 fibers, distances of up to 80 meters are possible, and even approximately. 300 meters when using OM3 fibers.


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