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Optronis CL25000CXP: 53 images per second with 25 megapixels

15 Jun 2012

Optronis is a pioneer in the development of high resolution, high speed cameras, using high speed CMOS sensors and the CoaXPress interface. The addition of the new high-speed CL25000CXP model extends their range yet further.

The CL25000CXP is equipped with a 25 megapixel CMOS sensor with high-speed global shutter. The new model is available in both monochrome and colour variants and achieves an image rate of 53 images/s at full resolution. This can be increased further by reducing the region of interest (ROI) enabling a maximum speed of 2980 images/s to be achieved at a resolution of 256 x 256 pixels.

The extremely fast shutter of the CL25000CXP allows shutter speeds in the range of 2 micro-seconds and is thus able to provide absolutely sharp images of objects at high speed. The 25 MP CoaXPress now supports even more precise real time applications through a greater than 6x higher image resolution. The image data is divided into separate parcels and transmitted to the PC via four parallel coaxial channels at approximately 2 GB/s.

Using suitable data transmission quality coaxial cables, the maximum image rate can be delivered at lengths of over 40 meters. Possible applications for these high speed cameras include the inspection of circuit boards or their placement, AOI systems or 3D measuring technology.


Kehl, Germany

Optronis, located in Kehl/Germany, provides ultra high-speed and streak cameras that are easy to use and integrate and are ideal for capturing ultra-fast moving events of different types in scientific and industrial applications.