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Teledyne DALSA Boa Pro: Smart Camera with Sherlock

18 Jun 2012

Boa Pro from Teledyne DALSA combines the robustness of a highly integrated Boa smart camera with the flexibility of Sherlock inspection software.

By linking these two proven components, Teledyne DALSA has developed a compact machine vision solution for different application requirements which can be used in many production areas. An essential element of the Boa Pro is the integrated Sherlock software that is configured via a local PC that is connected with the camera via Ethernet. For this purpose, DALSA uses an initial setup interface on the PC. Once all the application settings have been completed, the Ethernet connection is cut, enabling the user can set-up the Boa Pro very easily.

Teledyne DALSA’s image processing software Sherlock provides a broad set of powerful, flexible machine vision tools and features. The extensive library of commands, pre-processors and advanced algorithms can be combined in a variety of ways to solve either simple or very sophisticated tasks. The user is thus enjoys a great deal of freedom for customising algorithms, creating scripts and editing the user interface.

The functionality contained in Sherlock inspection tools include a variety of flexible line or surface tools for different search areas such as Rectangle ring, polygon, torus, circle, dot, line, multiple line or arc and more.

Comprehensive analysis tools for locating and counting edges, the segmentation and analysis of blobs, detecting contrast differences and to perform statistical tests are as much a feature set as read algorithms for 1D, 2D and OCR, and complex tools, such as the adhesive bead detection, calibration for laser applications and for pattern recognition.

For development purposes, the user is supported by a flexible, JavaScript based scripting tool. Additionally, a Pro Boa emulator is available, which includes all the functionality and allows for offline processing and evaluation.

The Boa Pro is available with sensors from 640 x 480 (VGA) up to 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution. Due to the small dimensions of only 44 x 44 x 56 (W x H x D in mm) and the IP67 protection rating it is suitable for use in application areas in many industries.

Teledyne DALSA Boa Pro - Sherlock software adds power and flexibility
  • Robust and highly integrated vision system in a tiny smart camera package
  • Combined with the power and flexibility of the advanced Teledyne DALSA Sherlock inspection software
  • Complete with embedded software and processing
Teledyne DALSA Sherlock

Powerful and flexible vision application for factory automation 

Teledyne DALSA

Waterloo, Canada

Teledyne DALSA is one of the largest companies serving the machine vision industry and is unique in that it is vertically integrated; from sensor design and manufacture, through image capture and processing, to software for imaging optimisations and analysis.