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CCS LNSP and HLDL2: now up to 400,000 lux

2 Jul 2012

CCS offers two interesting new lighting series: the high output line lights LNSP for high speed applications and the HLDL2 LED flood lights for large working distances and object fields.

The CCS LNSP series is characterised by an extremely high maximum light intensity of. 400,000 lux. Thus all the line lights in this series are ideally suited to high-speed line scan applications, for example, for use in the printing or glass industry which both require a very high light intensity.

In addition their narrow design makes them highly suitable for use in limited space. The LNSP series is only available in white (5800 K). CCS offers 100mm length increments for all LNSP models up to a maximum length of 1000mm. The lights are voltage controlled and are best operated with the CCS PB3-30024 lighting controller which operates at 24V DC.

The CCS HLDL2 series of high output flood lights enable operation where long length illumination is required, up to 2m, and is also suitable for illuminating wide areas. This makes these lights especially suitable for applications in the automotive and packaging industries. The lights are available in white, red and infrared as well as in two variants: the Narrow model with a thin beam suitable for long-distance illumination and the Wide model with a broad beam that is perfect for the diffuse illumination of wide areas. All the models in the HLDL2 series are availablie in 150mm increments up to a maximum length of 1200mm.

STEMMER IMAGING recommends using the CCS controllers PD2 or PD3 for these 24V DC voltage controlled lights.

  • High-Powered LED lights for illuminating large areas
  • Available in different lenghts up to approx. 1.2m
  • Available in red, white and infrared
  • High output line lights
  • Extremely high light intensity of max. 400,000 lux
  • Very stable brightness over time
  • Ideally suited for all high speed line scan camera applications

Kyoto, Japan

CCS was founded in Kyoto in 1993 and released its first LED light for the machine vision market in 1994. Since then, the company has expanded and now is one of the world’s largest suppliers of LED illumination with offices in Japan, China, Singapore, Belgium and the US.