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Phlox Illumination at STEMMER IMAGING

30 Oct 2012

For several years now the STEMMER IMAGING offices in Great Britain and France have been distributing industrial LED illumination from the French manufacturer Phlox. From 1 November 2012 the collaboration will be extended to German sales territories.

“The Phlox range of LEDs have proved in various applications in Great Britain and France to be very reliable and powerful products“, Christof Zollitsch, managing director at STEMMER IMAGING, describes the long-term experience with the new partner. “For this reason, our companies have agreed to extend the sales partnership to Germany, Austria and Switzerland as from 1 November 2012.“

Phlox develops and distributes back lighting for Machine Vision based on linear LED panels. The process used to manufacture the LED panels uses CO2 lasers to etch the surface with very precise micro-prisms enabling the combination of refraction and diffusion which improves backlight luminance. Up to 90% of the light injected is re-emitted on the surface. Phlox backlights are ideally suited for the inspection of LCD displays as well as for many other imaging applications.

Besides backlights Phlox also manufactures on-axis illumination and tunnel lights, providing unequalled uniform lighting for very demanding imaging applications. These lights are available in the standard colours white, blue, green, red, infrared as well as ultraviolet if required.

Phlox - High-Luminosity Backlights
  • High efficiency, high output backlight panels
  • Excellent long-life characteristics
  • Slim profile through the use of patented techniques
  • Custom designs available on request

Aix-en-Provence, France

Phlox develops and commercialises advanced backlight technology products for instrumentation backlighting and industrial illumination markets.