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Teledyne DALSA GEVA-300: Low cost multi-camera vision inspection system

11 Jan 2013

A new, scalable low cost multi-camera vision system supports up to 6 GigE Vision cameras for a host of applications including final inspection of large assemblies. The GEVA-300 compact vision system is available from STEMMER IMAGING for use by end users or vision integrators across all the traditional vision inspection industries. GEVA-300 is the latest in the Vision Appliance range from Teledyne DALSA.

Six high bandwidth Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) ports are provided which are compatible with a wide range of GigE cameras, which can be mixed to suit the application need. Camera expansion is easily accommodated using commercially available network technologies, allowing large configurations to be realized with much lower system cost. The small, rugged, fanless construction tolerates harsh factory conditions and varying temperatures. An optional PL-USB companion module offers I/O expansion and easy integration of up to four additional Teledyne DALSA Genie cameras.

Provides numerous external interfaces

The versatile GEVA-300 provides a number of external interfaces for system integration. In addition to the six Gigabit Ethernet ports (four of which are typically used for connecting cameras), it includes dedicated display and USB ports for setup and run-time control, and a serial port for factory communication. Camera triggering, strobe outputs and opto-isolated I/O can be interfaced using the companion PL-USB module.

For a wide range of machine vision applications

The GEVA-300 features Intel® dual-core ATOM™ architecture that offers low power consumption and excellent performance for a wide range of machine vision applications. Vision solutions are setup using iNspect or Sherlock application software. The iNspect software is easy to use and requires little or no prior vision experience, while the Sherlock software offers greater flexibility to tackle more challenging inspection tasks. Both software packages offer a wide selection of tools and capabilities for applications requiring positioning, identification, verification, measurement, and flaw detection.

The powerful GEVA-300 systems are available from all STEMMER IMAGING offices in Germany, Great Britain, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Teledyne DALSA

Waterloo, Canada

Teledyne DALSA is one of the largest companies serving the machine vision industry and is unique in that it is vertically integrated; from sensor design and manufacture, through image capture and processing, to software for imaging optimisations and analysis.