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CEI extends its Mini-CL connector range

13 Mar 2013

CEI Components Express is known worldwide as manufacturer of cabling for image processing. The company has now extended its range of connectors and offers new versions of Mini-CameraLink connections.

With its two new connector types, CEI has introduced two further angled connectors for Mini-CL connection, left and right. With its low installation height and low space requirement for cabling, this is an extremely helpful option for users.

The new LP versions (LP stands for "low profile") of the Mini-CameraLink connectors with Up and Down connection represent a real improvement for camera and frame grabber connectors as their space-saving design allows good solutions in restricted installation areas.

For example, in the case of the DALSA Falcon series of cameras which are CameraLink Medium cameras with 2 CL Mini connectors, both cables can now be positioned in the same direction, down or up with the already available Mini- CL version and a new LP angle connector. This type of cabling is already known from conventional CameraLink cabling and often proves useful.


Woodridge (IL), United States

Components Express is a global supplier and manufacturer of high quality flexible cabling solutions for the imaging and vision market.