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CVC GE Cameras: New Models, New Prices

22 Mar 2013

We have reduced the prices for the CVC cameras based on the Sony colour block cameras and added new models.

Our CVC GE cameras consist of a Sony FCB colour block camera including a standard GigE interface and a CVB Camera Suite-SDK. These systems are available exclusively at STEMMER IMAGING and offer an optimum solution for a wide variety of applications from security & surveillance to industrial vision.

Due to the strong demand we have recalculated the prices of the CVC cameras based on a higher total volume, which allows us to reduce the prices significantly by 10 to 20 percent as of now. Moreover, three new powerful models are now available: the CVC EH3310 HD GE /POE, the CVC EH3410 HD GE /POE and the CVC EH6500 HD GE /POE offer resolutions of 1280 x 720 pixels or 1920 x 1080 pixels and frame rates of 60 or 30 Hz.

Outstanding image quality in HD resolution

The Sony FCB EH series of colour block cameras offer outstanding image quality in HD resolution, including HD or full HD CMOS sensors with 16:9 aspect ratio. The camera range features optical zoom capabilities of 12x to 30x providing flexible use in combination with a digital zoom.

STEMMER IMAGING’s GigE interface brings all well-established benefits of the proven GigE Vision technology to the Sony FCB camera range, including the ability to transmit images up to 100m over industry-standard. Full control of the camera is possible through Gigabit Ethernet, the GigE Vision and GenICam- compliant interface.


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STEMMER IMAGING has been one of the leaders in the machine vision market since 1987. It is one of Europe's largest technology providers in this field. In 1997 STEMMER IMAGING presented Common Vision Blox (CVB), a powerful programming library for fast and reliable development and implementation of vision solutions, which has been deployed successfully throughout the world in more than 80,000 imaging applications in various industries.