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Gardasoft VTR6: Strobe lights for traffic applications

7 Mar 2013

VTR6 is Gardasoft’s latest, most powerful LED strobe light especially designed for traffic monitoring applications.

The addition to the existing Gardasoft VTR range utilises the latest high power LED technology available - delivering up to 4.5kW pulses to the LED array, powered by 24V, and therefore enabling new applications with increased illumination distances. It is fully integrated with internal timing, intensity control, trigger input and long distance communications, including Ethernet and RS232 – making the VTR6 particularly suitable for applications such as ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), Red Light Violation, Open Road Tolling and Weight-in Motion Systems.

Programmable internal timer

The VTR6 are fitted in a robust IP66 rating enclosure with measurements of 444mm x 431mm x 56mm and have the option to be operated in a free running mode from a programmable internal timer. A trigger input can be used to synchronise the lighting pulse with the exposure of a camera. Full intensity and pulse width control are available through the trigger input and remote communications port. There is an internal interlock to prevent the lighting being triggered too fast and being damaged as a result.
Regarding the light colour the user can choose between white and IR 850nm. Regarding the full beam angle the user can select models with 12 or 28 degrees for white light or models with 14 or 28 degrees for IR. Additional accessories including mounting brackets and sunshields are available for VTR6, and just like the VTR2 and VTR4 models the VTR6 can be supplied as 12V version for mobile applications.

Gardasoft Vision

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Gardasoft Vision Ltd, established in Cambridge in 1999, is a world leader in programmable lighting controllers and very intensive LED illuminators.