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Protective enclosures for all situations

20 Mar 2013

Autovimation manufactures compact, easy-to-integrate housings for cameras and lenses providing optimal protection in harsh industrial environments and ensuring good heat dissipation.

The five Autovimation protective housing families are suited for all environments where components cannot be free-mounted. The Salamander IP67 camera enclosures are designed for cameras with cross sections from 29mm x 47mm and 40mm x 40mm. The Feuersalamander models are specifically designed for hygienic environments such as the pharmaceutical and food industry. These electropolished V4A stainless steel enclosures are especially corrosion resistant and feature a smooth surface free of corners where dirt and germs could accumulate. The enclosures for small compact cameras are rated IP67 and dissipate heat reliably.

The Orca series is designed for all cameras up to 62mm x 62mm cross section. These enclosures are available in three different standard lengths up to 250?mm with a 2" or 3" front window and allow the mounting of ring lights with diameters up to 78?mm. The Chameleon series of aluminum enclosures for cameras with a sideways viewing direction enables integration into various industrial applications and provides IP66 pro-tection.

Designed for HDTV cameras

Designed for HDTV cameras during underwater shooting Autovimation has developed reliable enclosures with IP68 protection which ensure absolute water tightness at a maximum depth of 10 m. A protective metal hose with a PVC coating and suitable cable glands ensure that the cables and cable exit are safely sealed. Nautilus enclosures are suitable for all cameras with a maximum cross section of 60 x 60 mm or HDTV camera heads with aperture control. They can be used in chlorinated swimming pool water and sea water with a normal salt content.


Industrial camera housings for protection against dust, water, high and low temperatures and user interference. Direct mounting on machine frame including tolerance compensation.


Karlsruhe, Germany

Autovimation was founded in 2008 in Karlsruhe, Germany to provide solutions for easier installation and adjustment of machine vision components.