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SILL 2835/35: new wide angle lens for small format cameras

6 Mar 2013

Sill Optics has developed an image side telecentric wide angle lens for image sizes up to 43.3 mm.

The focal length of SILL 2835/35 is 35 mm with a maximal aperture of 2.8, which covers a field of view of 56° horizontal and 42° vertical. Its resolution allows the use of 16 Megapixel cameras with a 24 mm x 36 mm sensor or 8k line sensors with 5 µm pixel size.

Due to the telecentricity in the image space, the relative illumination at the corners of the sensor is still higher than 70% even at full aperture of 2.8.The lens comes with an M58x0.75 thread with 12 mm flange distance, but can be customised.

Sill Optics

Wendelstein, Germany

Since its foundation in 1894, Sill Optics has been designing and manufacturing optical components of the highest quality. "100 % Made in Germany" stands for extensive knowledge and best quality manufactured in-house.