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Smart Vision Lights: Modular expandable linear light

7 Mar 2013

Smart Vision Lights presents two modular expandable linear light series - LX150 and LX300.

LX150 and LX300 linear lights utilise the unique direct-connect technology allowing the user to plug additional lights together and expand the lighting length in a simple manner. Only the first light module requires power connection, but eliminates the need for jumper cables to pass power through to the next. T-slots are integrated into the housing for easy mounting. Thus, users can create tailored length solutions in increments of 150 mm (LX 150) or 300 mm (LX300) to optimise the lights for their specific application requirements. In line scan applications with wide objects the cascading of the modules is a great advantage.

High luminosity

The LX series are equipped with internal drivers that eliminate the need for any external controllers. They can operate in continuous or strobe mode.

The LX linear lights feature NPN/PNP strobe trigger inputs, 0-10V remote analogue intensity control, and a manual potentiometer for simple intensity adjustments. The LX150 utilises 6, the LX300 utilises 12 high intensity LEDs in white, red, green, blue as well as IR?850, IR?940, UV?365 or UV?395 providing sufficient luminosity. The LEDs can be equipped with wide and narrow angle lenses or with line optics. Thus, the LX series offer a variety of options for ideal lighting depending on the working distance and object field.

Smart Vision Lights L300

Longest modular barlight with high flexibility regarding I/O options and colours.

Smart Vision Lights

Muskegon, United States

Smart Vision Lights (SVL) was founded in 2007 in West Michigan and quickly developed into a leading developer and manufacturer of highperformance LED illumination systems with integrated current drive and IP rating.