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VRmagic D3: New Intelligent Camera Platform

12 Mar 2013

VRmagic presents the D3 series – another intelligent camera platform.

The new D3 intelligent camera platform by Mannheim manufacturer VRmagic features a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 RIS MPU with floating point unit, running Ubuntu 12.04 as a 32 bit operating system, and a 700 MHz C674x VLIW-DSP with FPU as a coprocessor. 2 GB DDR3-800 RAM and 16 GB Flash on-board are available as memory. Furthermore, the new camera platform is characterised by a Gigabit Ethernet interface and a real-time clock.

Even more flexibility

"During development of the new camera platform, the focus was not only on increasing performance and storage capacity" says Oliver Menken, Director Sales & Marketing at VRmagic. "It has always been our strategic aim to design a platform that offers even more flexibility to our customers. The increased number of key features results in a greater degree of freedom for the development of cost-efficient and customized embedded cameras."

For the development of imaging applications the extended software portfolio ranges from open source software to CVB Embedded from STEMMER IMAGING. The popular tools CVB Manto and CVB Minos have been optimised for the new platform.
In addition, the new camera platform provides a USB interface, up to 44 GPIOs, an optional second Gigabit Ethernet interface, Audio in/out, a HDMI output, a RGB888 interface as input or output, as well as an S-Video output and a bootable SD card.

VRmagic D3
  • Programmable camera with Ubuntu Linux
  • Robust, compact aluminium housing
  • Various interfaces
VRmagic D3 - Intelligent board level camera
  • Programmable board level camera with Ubuntu Linux
  • Up to four offset sensor heads
  • Various interfaces

Mannheim, Germany

The German camera manufacturer VRmagic Imaging offers a broad product portfolio of machine vision components ranging from ready-to-use industrial cameras to individually configurable OEM designs.