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Perfect Protection for Industrial Cameras

14 Jun 2013

The 30D camera enclosures from manufacturer APG (Allison Park Group) are the perfect protection for compact cameras such as the AVT Manta, Guppy and Stingray, the Teledyne DALSA Genie, the JAI CM-030 GE and the Sony XC-HR50/XC- ST50 to protect against dirt, dust and splashed water.

The U.S. Company APG (Allison Park Group Inc.) are specialists when it comes to camera systems in extra rugged housings with integrated illumination and optics. These all-in-one solutions are ideally suited for machine vision applications in harsh industrial environments, such as food applications or highly corrosive environments. Many APG products are especially designed to meet requirements including explosion proof, ratings such as NEMA 4X, IP66, IP65, IP54 or different criteria in the food and medical sector. Furthermore, APG’s portfolio includes extra lightweight housings for use in end-of-arm robotic applications.

APG enclosures can be purchased in all STEMMER IMAGING subsidiaries in Germany, UK, France, Switzerland and Netherlands. They support cameras and lightings from most manufacturers and offer both custom enclosures and OEM design solutions.

The 30D series provide perfect basic protection in a robust enclosure for a variety of compact cameras such as the AVT Manta, Guppy and Stingray, the Teledyne DALSA Genie, the JAI CM-030 GE and the Sony XC-HR50/XC-ST50 to protect against dust and splashed water.

All 30D housing models are made of stainless steel and aluminium and comply with protection class IP54. The enclosures are delivered with a standard PG29 cable gland allowing the use of pre-assembled cables. Depending on the type of application and operation, additional options such as integrated cooling or a tilt/pan head can be selected. Materials for the front window are available as either glass or transparent plastic. An optional air curtain is recommended for environments with high dust, water or oil content; here pressurised air is applied to the front window and effectively avoids contamination, ensuring a clear and unobstructed view.

Allison Park Group (APG)

Camera enclosures / housings for harsh industrial environments, food applications (FDA), and washdown / explosive environments.


Allison Park, United States

Allison Park Group (APG) located in Pennsylvania (USA) designs and produces high quality enclosures for cameras and illumination.