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Another successful financial year for STEMMER IMAGING

19 Jul 2013

On 30 June 2013, STEMMER IMAGING ended the financial year 2012/13 with all five subsidiaries generating a total turnover of 57.6 million euros. Highlights of the accounting year included the integration of a new subsidiary for the Benelux countries as well as the award "Bavaria's Best 50".

The last month of the financial year 2012/13 had a twofold reason for celebrating at STEMMER IMAGING: "In June, the sum of all European subsidiaries passed the 6.5 million euros monthly turnover mark. This made it the strongest month in our company's history", stated a pleased Christoph Zollitsch, Managing Director at STEMMER IMAGING. The annual turnover of the company, which had expanded to five subsidiaries during the financial year, had increased by nearly 5 per cent against the previous year at 57.6 million euros versus 55.3 million euros.

Turnover of new subsidiary is higher than expected

With close to 2.0 million euros turnover, the Dutch subsidiary, which was integrated in 2012, contributed considerably more to total turnover than planned. "This turnover was generated by new colleagues in the Benelux countries in just nine months and was 75 per cent over target. There can be no doubt that the expansion into the Benelux countries has proved highly successful", says Zollitsch. He also highlighted the performance of the French subsidiary, which performed well against the previous year, especially when taking into account the difficult economic environment. In percentage terms, the Swiss subsidiary contributed the greatest increase within the group. The lion's share of total turnover, at nearly 60 per cent, was again contributed by the German parent company.

STEMMER IMAGING awarded "Bayerns Best 50"

Another highlight just before the financial year ended, was the award "Bayerns Best 50" which honoured STEMMER IMAGING as one of the owner-managed, medium- sized companies in the Free State of Bavaria with the strongest growth record. At the ceremony on 27 June 2013, Zollitsch received the award from Bavaria's Minister for Economics, Martin Zeil. "This honour has, of course, done the management and all employees at STEMMER IMAGING proud. This award again underlines that our company strategy over the past years has been both right and successful."


Puchheim, Germany

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