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CCS LFV3: Enhanced coaxial lighting

17 Jul 2013

The new CCS coaxial lights LFV3 series are even brighter and offer improved uniformity over the previous LFV2 series.

The new CCS LFV3 series are two times brighter than the previous LFV2 models and offer improved uniformity. Other advantages of the newly introduced lighting include higher quality glass on the camera window and a half-mirror which is manufactured with an accuracy of 3 µm and can also be used in laser light source interferometry. Compared to the LFV2 series the LFV3 models offer an enlarged camera window area which ensures an even larger field of view of the camera used.

Additional diffusers with different light transmission

The LFV3 series are available in the lighting colours red, white, blue and green on request. All models give the user the choice of using additional diffusers with either low or high transmission. Some LFV3 models allow for flexible diffuser positions to optimise imaging according to the application.

The LFV3-50X100 model with the new construction size of 52 mm x 102 mm is suitable for line scan applications due to its elongated shape.


Kyoto, Japan

CCS was founded in Kyoto in 1993 and released its first LED light for the machine vision market in 1994. Since then, the company has expanded and now is one of the world’s largest suppliers of LED illumination with offices in Japan, China, Singapore, Belgium and the US.