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Coaxial line light for line scan imaging without shadows

9 Jul 2013

The CCS CU-LNSP series include additional units for the LNSP series enabling coaxial illumination for line scan applications.

The coaxial installation of a line scan camera and the associated illumination has so far not been possible when using a conventional line light. The inevitable result was an angle between the incident light and the optical path of the camera, involving shadows or blind spots that could only be evaluated with restrictions or not at all.

Coaxial units designed for the LNSP line light series

To solve this problem CCS developed the CU-LNSP coaxial units specifically designed for the LNSP line light series: These units deflect the emitted light by 90° using a half mirror. Thus, the line scan camera used can be coaxially aligned on the same optical axis as the illumination via an integrated camera window on the half mirror. In this way, shadows are avoided and imaging improves.

The coaxial units are available for LNSP models in 100 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm and 500 mm lengths. The length of the camera window is 85 mm in the smallest version and 485 mm in the largest version.

  • High output line lights
  • Extremely high light intensity of max. 400,000 lux
  • Very stable brightness over time
  • Ideally suited for all high speed line scan camera applications

Kyoto, Japan

CCS was founded in Kyoto in 1993 and released its first LED light for the machine vision market in 1994. Since then, the company has expanded and now is one of the world’s largest suppliers of LED illumination with offices in Japan, China, Singapore, Belgium and the US.