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Maximum resolution, non-cooled SWIR line camera with up to 2048 pixels

16 Aug 2013

Xenics starts commercial production of its non-cooled, shortwave infrared line camera Lynx with GigE or CameraLink interface.

With its camera platform Lynx, Xenics sets new standards in terms of pixel resolution and economy for InGaAs line cameras in the shortwave infrared range between 0,9 and 1,7 ?m. The Lynx cameras are available in GigE Vision versions with power over Ethernet and CameraLink variants for easy integration into existing systems.

Xenics Lynx - the smallest of their kind

With dimensions of only 49 x 49 x 53 (width x height x length in mm) for the CameraLink models and 49 x 49 x 62 mm³ for the GigE Vision variants, the Lynx SWIR cameras are currently the smallest cameras of their kind. The line cameras offer high optical sensitivity and a broad dynamic range for industrial image processing tasks and optical coherence tomography (OCT). A/D conversion is performed with 14 bit. The integration time can be set fully flexibly from 1 ?s up to several minutes. The Lynx family comprises models with resolutions of 512, 1024 and 2048 pixels. Models 512 and 1024 will start production in September, production of the Lynx-2048 is planned for the 4th quarter of 2013.

The Lynx-512 offers a line length of 512 pixels at a pixel size of 25 ?m. This model is designed for economical solutions and is also suitable for extremely fast applications due to its low power consumption, a line rate of 40 kHz and a pixel rate of up to 25 Mpixels/s.

High resolutions with Lynx 1024 and Lynx 2048 line scan cameras

The Lynx-1024 line camera enables high resolutions for industrial applications, for example in quality assurance. The recorded spectral range corresponds to the absorption spectrum of low level photon emissions and is less sensitive to changes in emission during thermographic measurement. This model operates with a very small pixel size of 12,5 ?m and a line rate of 40 kHz.

The Lynx-2048 model offers a resolution of 1 x 2048 pixels at a line length of 25,6 mm. This layout is ideal for spectroscopy and non-destructive, detailed imaging as well as to determine the thicknesses and uniformity of semiconductor materials. The line rate of the Lynx-2048 is 10 kHz at a maximum pixel rate of 25 MPixel/s and the high resolution due to the small pixel size of 12,5 ?m.

Easy system integration via GigE Vision

All Lynx cameras allow easy system integration and output GigE Vision compatible images via Gigabit Ethernet or CameraLink. Models with CoaXpress will also become available during 2013. Camera control and the choice of camera settings is via Gigabit Ethernet or CameraLink. Trigger in and outputs synchronise image recording.

Lynx serves the field of industrial image processing and spectroscopic applications where several camera systems have so far been necessary simultaneously. STEMMER IMAGING distributes the industrial infrared cameras from the Belgian manufacturer Xenics via its subsidiaries in Germany, the United Kingdom and France.

Xenics Lynx
  • Compact uncooled shortwave infrared line scan camera
  • Spectral range 0.9 µm to 1.7 µm
  • Line rates up to 40 kHz

Leuven, Belgium

Xenics is a well-established and rapidly growing European high-tech company producing IR imaging products for the vision market.