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Sony's XCL-C camera series: The digital cubic camera

16 Aug 2013

With its XCL-C series of digital cameras, Sony promises easy switching from analogue industrial camera systems to digital technology.

The ten models of the new Sony XCL-C camera series use the CameraLink standard and are equipped with the latest Super HAD & EXview HAD CCD sensors with dual channel readout. The new XCL-C series delivers frame rates of up to 130 fps at 1/3“ VGA resolution. At the other end of the model range, it offers resolution of up to 5 MPixel. The XCL-C series includes Sony's new Sensitivity Mode functionality which allows for increasing spectral sensitivity using the firmware. This is an interesting feature, especially for more exacting NIR applications.

The new digital cameras use the same form factor (only 29 x 29 x 42 mm³) as Sony's proven cubic analogue cameras, making the two camera types readily compatible. Replacing existing cameras and switching to digital camera technology is, therefore, very easy.

The digital cubic cameras are based on the CameraLink transmission standard with PoCL (Power over CameraLink) v1.2 compliance. They are available as colour and monochrome versions. Their features include 8/10/12 bit digitisation, binning and partial scanning as well as various trigger modes, flexible I/O management and fully automatic exposure and image optimisation functions. To improve image quality, the cameras offer shading and pixel correction as well as integrated CCD temperature measurement.

Well suited for industrial imaging, traffic and sports

According to Sony, the cameras of the XCL-C series are well-suited for a wide range of applications. Their compact housing and numerous innovative features make them an interesting option for industrial imaging, traffic applications, sporting events and many other fields.


Köln, Germany

With a diverse range of industry leading technology and experience in consumer, broadcast and security applications, Sony offers a world class selection of highly versatile cameras which find applications in many markets.