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Sony's XCL-S series: CameraLink cameras with up to 9 MPixel resolution

16 Aug 2013

Sony's Image Sensing Solutions Division presents the new XCL-S series machine vision cameras with 6 and 9 MPixel sensor. These camera modules based on the CameraLink transmission standard are available now.

The new Sony XCL-S900/C module with 9 MPixel resolution and the XCL-S600/C module with 6 MPixel resolution are available as colour or monochrome versions and use Sony's latest EXview HADII CCD technology. They come with a 1/1 sensor which allows image acquisition even under very poor lighting conditions and is suitable for wavelengths in the near infrared region. It has one of the most light-sensitive sensors on the market.

The company's camera designers worked closely with Sony's sensor specialists in developing the new cameras. According to Sony, the new XCL-S cameras offer very high image quality and even exceed the quality of analogue cameras as regards the frame rate and high resolution of the modules.

For applications requiring high image quality

With their high frame rate of up to 27 fps, the XCL-S cameras are suitable for applications requiring high image quality in fields such as the pharmaceutical industry, semiconductor manufacturing, solar technology, PCB manufacturing and display panels. Additional features include a user-configurable memory channel for up to 16 parameters, shading and defect correction, sensitivity control, bulk and sequential trigger modes, trigger noise filtering, look-up table support, a pulse train generator and temperature readout function.


Köln, Germany

With a diverse range of industry leading technology and experience in consumer, broadcast and security applications, Sony offers a world class selection of highly versatile cameras which find applications in many markets.