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AT C2D: Waterproof high-speed CMOS camera

26 Sep 2013

Automation Technology’s (AT) new C2D camera series feature a compact and robust IP67 housing with the appropriate lens protection enabling reliable operation even in harsh industrial environments or when exposed to water.

Camera manufacturer Automation Technology, usually known for their 3D sensors, expands their portfolio and offers with the new C2D series, vision cameras for high speed recording in difficult applications.

CMOS chip with global shutter and HDR support

All C2D models feature a CMOS chip with global shutter and HDR (High Dynamic Range) support for crisp and high-contrast images. The cameras are available with resolutions of 648 x 488, 2048 x 1088 or 2048 x 2048 pixels and provide up to 1,840 frames per second (at 128 lines AOI). Up to 1,540 images can be buffered internally or optionally 4,620 images, and are output via Gigabit Ethernet parallel to the recording.

Reduced integration effort

The image data transfer complies with the GigE Vision standard. In combination with the GenICam protocol, the integration effort required is reduced significantly. The configuration is done in a very fast and simple way via Plug ‘n Play and the access to the camera is carried out using standard interfaces, which eliminate the need for camera specific software or libraries. Just like the power supply Gigabit Ethernet and I/Os are connected via industrial M12 connectors with protection class IP67 which protect the camera efficiently against external influences such as dust and water.

Communication with other system components

The C2D models are equipped with important features for the communication with other system components, such as the internal lighting control and flexible trigger functions which are transmitted via digital I/O or encoder.


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