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Cameras for use in extended temperature areas

13 Sep 2013

In some applications, industrial cameras able to provide excellent images outside conventional temperature ranges make the difference to the viability of a vision solution. STEMMER IMAGING has a range of cameras in its portfolio which are capable of handling temperatures outside the conventional ranges.

As a rule, the temperature range for the employment of industrial cameras without special temperature-protection housing lies between +5 and + 45 °C. In a number of applications it is this upper limit which presents a problem: temperatures of 50 °C and more often prevail in the vicinity of machines as well as in outdoor applications, which makes the use of cameras with a standard temperature range impossible.

Teledyne DALSA Genie TS series

Some manufacturers of cameras have responded to this problem and developed special cameras which can operate at higher temperatures. Teledyne DALSA has developed a number of camera families to meet this requirement: the new cameras of the Genie TS series can be operated at temperatures between -20 °C and + 60 °C. The line cameras of the Spyder3 and the Piranha4 series are designed to handle ambient temperatures of up to 65 °C.

AVT Prosilica GT

The Prosilica GT family of cameras by Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) is designed specifically for harsh outdoor conditions and according to AVT can be operated without restrictions under extreme temperatures between -20 °C to +65 °C. Thus the Prosilica GT also enables demanding applications in traffic and safety monitoring as well as industrial inspection under aggravated conditions.

JAI Spark and C-series

The new Spark series by JAI offers the broadest temperature range in the STEMMER IMAGING portfolio: these cameras can be used for the range between – 45 °C and + 70 °C. The JAI BM/BB cameras of JAI's C-series can be ordered optionally with an advanced temperature range. So the cameras are certified for use between – 40 °C and +65 °C. These models also allow applications, for example in aviation. Due to individual certification, the price of these models is higher than that of the standard models.

Special protective camera housings with comprehensive accessories

For even more extreme fields of application, STEMMER IMAGING supplies a portfolio including special protective housings for cameras with comprehensive accessories such as water or compressed air cooling, ventilation, window heating, sun roof and numerous other options. If you are interested in employing vision systems under temperatures outside normal conditions, we would be pleased to provide advice!