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Fujifilm HD lenses with P-iris

10 Dec 2013

Fujifilm Europe announces new high definition Fujinon lenses for day and night use with P-iris function for security and machine vision applications.

The existing Fujifilm range of megapixel varifocal lenses includes five models available with P-iris:

  • YV2.8x2.8SR4A-JA2L with focal length f = 2,8 ~ 8 mm
  • YV3.3x15SR4A-JA2L with f = 15 ~ 50 mm for 1/2.7” cameras with a resolution of 3 megapixels
  • DV3.8x4SR4A-JA1L with f = 4 ~ 12,5 mm
  • DV4x12.5SR4A-JA1L with f = 12,5 ~ 50 mm
  • DV10x8SR4A-JA1L with f = 8 ~ 80 mm for 1/1.8” cameras with a resolution of 3 or 5 megapixels

Thanks to their IR correction the lenses are suited for day and night use in high definition CCTV applications, for machine vision and traffic applications.

Perfectly suited for traffic applications

Two lenses for 2/3“ cameras with a resolution of up to 5 megapixels are particularly interesting for the traffic sector: HF35SR4A-JA1L and HF50SR4A- JA1L offer fixed focal lengths from 35 mm to 50 mm. The IR correction of these lenses allows crisp images even without focus shift, in both the visual spectrum and under IR conditions. With its high resolution of 5 megapixels and the P-iris control, these lenses are suitable, for example, for traffic monitoring or automatic licence plate recognition.

The P-iris function

P-iris (precise iris) is an automatic iris control, which also allows for manual aperture control. Combined with a suitable camera, the size of the aperture can be optimally adjusted through the built-in step-motor. Image defects that arise with a wide aperture (spherical aberration) or a very small aperture (diffraction blur), can be avoided by a precise iris control resulting in an improved image quality: sharper images from the centre to the edge area and a stable depth of field.


Tilburg, The Netherlands

From a film producer to a global high tech corporation: Fujifilm was founded 80 years ago as a photographic film manufacturer. The company diversified its business in response to emerging customer needs by capitalising on the technologies it had developed through photographic film and today is among the leaders in each of its businesses.