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CCS UV2 series: New high-power UV illuminations

9 Jan 2014

CCS now offers the UV2 series of high-power UV lighting solutions as standard products.

In recent years, CCS has developed customised high-power UV lighting solutions for diverse UV applications in machine vision. Now CCS wants to share the experience acquired in sophisticated high-speed applications with all users.

Ring, bar and spot lights

As a first step the new UV2 series includes a selection of ring, bar and spot lights as well as some short line lights.
Thus, CCS has developed the two LDL2 ring light models LDR2-60UV2-365-W and LDR2-100UV2-365-W as UV2 versions.
Three bar light models of each series, the LDL and LN series, are offered as UV2 versions (LDL-71X12UV2-365, LDL-138X12UV2-365, LDL-205X12UV2-365 and LN- 61UV2-365, LN-128UV2-365, LN-195UV2-365). The spot illumination HLV2-24UV2-365 rounds off the current range of UV2 series illuminations.

  • Narrow band output LEDs for precise images
  • Used to fluoresce materials such as glue or ink
  • High output LEDs available for demanding applications