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Machine vision know-how available on mobile platforms

20 May 2014

The new Vision Docs App from STEMMER IMAGING, Europe‘s leading imaging technology provider, makes important machine vision know-how available to all customers using the latest mobile platforms.

The e-version of our „Imaging and Vision Handbook“ has been available in the Apple iBookstore since the beginning of 2014. The new App called Vision Docs goes one step further and provides easy and safe delivery of documents and publications for all interested customers. Vision Docs is available as a free download via Google Play, the Apple App Store and the Windows Store.

E-version of the "Imaging and Vision Handbook"

Initially Vision Docs includes the e-version of STEMMER IMAGING’s roughly 450-page "Imaging and Vision Handbook”. The entire book is divided into nine individual books or chapters for easier and more comfortable handling. There are plans to offer the company’s newsletters and other important material and documentation via the new platform in the future.

Comfortable handling

Just like the iBook version the e-version of the Imaging and Vision handbook allows comfortable searching for technical terms and content; it allows for bookmarking preferred pages and contains other useful features as well as interesting links.

Quick access to machine vision know-how

Thanks to the mobile availability of material offered by Vision Docs, machine vision users have quick access to many facts and background information offering significant benefits for the planning and realisation of machine vision solutions.