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Xenics Bobcat-640: SWIR camera with on-board NUC

19 May 2014

Xenics presents Bobcat-640, successor to the SWIR camera Bobcat 320. The new camera impresses with a higher overall resolution of 640 x 512 pixels with a pixel size of 20 µm, a smaller housing as well as a number of new features.

SWIR (Short Wave Infra-Red) cameras reveal their full potential particularly in applications such as waste sorting, food inspection or electronics inspection. The new Xenics Bobcat-640 is an improved SWIR camera designed for a variety of applications in research and development as well as in industry.

Compared to Bobcat-320, Bobcat-640 drives the pixel pitch down to 20?m from conventional levels of 25?m, at a high overall resolution of 640x512 pixels. This efficient optical lay-out makes the new camera compatible with a broad range of exchangeable standard C-mount lenses.

Image data is transferred via GigE Vision or CameraLink. The Bobcat-640 GigE reaches high frame rates of 100 Hz in full resolution. In windowing mode the frame rate can be further increased.
The Bobcat-640 spectral response covers the realm 0.9 to 1.7?m, with a VisNIR option extending the wavelength realm to the visible (0.4?m).

Versatile features facilitate the camera’s integration into a variety of different applications. It is user configurable with single (GigE Vision) to multiple (CameraLink) non-uniformity correction (NUC), auto gain and offset as well as trigger in/out. In the past, users had to perform a lot of image processing in their self-developed software. Now Xenics has moved this control functionality from the application to the camera which saves time and provides enhanced performance.

The TE-1 temperature stabilisation enables the Bobcat-640-GigE to achieve noise levels of less than 90e- (60e- ROIC noise). AD conversion at a high 14 bits delivers high-quality data processing.

With its very compact form factor of 55 x 55 x 72 mm³ for CameraLink and 55 x 55 x 82 mm³ for GigE Vision, Bobcat-640 is the smallest industrial SWIR CL/GigE imaging solution available for industrial vision. It offers excellent low-noise and low-dark current performance at extended operating case temperature ranges of -40°C to 70°C.

Xenics Bobcat

Compact shortwave infrared InGaAs camera, suitable for high operating temperatures to aquire images from hot objects (up to 800°C).