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Protective camera housings, both small and large

7 Oct 2014

Autovimation’s latest Colibri and Mammoth series of protective housings are designed for very compact and for larger cameras respectively.

Reacting to customer requests for an extremely compact, cost efficient protective camera housing Autovimation has developed the Colibri series which will be introduced by our partner at VISION 2014 (hall 1, stand D02). The IP66-rated Colibri housings are exclusively suited for cameras with a cross-section of 29 x 29 or 30 x 30 mm and lenses with a maximum diameter of 40 mm. With only 10 mm space between the camera and the outer enclosure wall, they add very little to its size. Weighing just over 400 g, they are ideally suited for mobile applications.

Patented heat guide / quick lock mounting system

Autovimation has simplified and miniaturized the patented heat guide / quick lock mounting system for the new camera series: the cameras can now only be fixed inside the housing at one point (either at the front or at the back). Colibri housings themselves are attached to machines via a newly developed dovetail profile system with a 30 mm width. Additionally, adapter clamps can be used to achieve compatibility with the 40 mm wide dovetail profile of the company’s modular construction kit.

Suited for wide-angle lenses

With a diameter of only 28 mm, the window opening allows for the use of wide-angle lenses, since these can be installed directly behind the front window. An M25 cable gland with a large sealing insert allows for feed through and sealing of several cables with plugs and diameters of up to 21 mm. Moreover, a rear enclosure wall with an industrial IP67 PoE plug connection is currently being developed. The enclosure lids are optionally available with tamper-proof Pin Torx screws which prevent unauthorized persons from adjusting the camera lens.

Mammoth series for larger cameras

The new Mammoth series of IP65-rated protective housings is perfectly suited for larger cameras with cross-sections up to 90 x 150 mm such as the DALSA Spyder and will also be presented at this year’s VISION. Available in three sizes with inner lengths of about 180, 250, and 300 mm, the Mammoth housing allows users to install long lenses that can be additionally supported near the front lid if required. The housings enable vibration-proof installation of the camera at any lengthwise position. Lenses can thus be placed directly behind the 3ʺ front lid, which makes the use of wide-angle lenses possible. With an optional dome lid, users can also install fish-eye lenses. For thermal imaging applications, the Mammoth housing is optionally available with a non-reflecting Germanium window with a scratchproof coating.

Good heat dissipation

Like all Autovimation housings, the Mammoth series features a camera mounting system that ensures good heat dissipation to the outer enclosure. Waterproof dovetail profiles at one long and one short side of the housing allow for stable installation and adjustment with equipment from Autovimation’s mounting kit. Mammoth housings are available with water cooling systems as well as Peltier-based climate control solutions.


Industrial camera housings for protection against dust, water, high and low temperatures and user interference. Direct mounting on machine frame including tolerance compensation.