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Xenics Serval: Ruggedized LWIR Camera

14 Oct 2014

At this year's VISION show Xenics will introduce the newly developed Serval, a small-form-factor, maintenance-free thermal LWIR camera for industrial use based on the proven Xenics Gobi GigE series.

Serval fulfils a growing, highly cost-conscious submarket demand for rugged and reliable, end- user-ready cameras for industrial imaging and thermography applications.

For demanding indoor and outdoor applications

Thanks to the compact IP67 protection grade enclosure and front window protection Serval is directed at demanding indoor uses, such as in-line process and quality control in harsh and hot industrial environments. It also serves crucial hot-spot, fire and smoke detection applications. In this highly specialized field, industrial sales channels and system integrators are looking for new solutions in terms of simple, maintenance-free installation as well as long-term stability.

The Serval camera, aptly named after the intelligent and autonomous nocturnal wild cat living in the African Savannah, is repositioning and evolving the proven Gobi-GigE thermal imaging series. Serval has been designed for long-term stable and reliable operation under difficult ambient conditions.

The new Serval LWIR industrial imaging camera comes with on-board analytics and calibration for thermal imaging or thermography usage.

Flexible development of machine vision applications

The GigE Vision interface and the Xeneth SDK support the flexible development of various machine vision applications with libraries such as Common Vision Blox.

Its compact form factor provides front window protection with air purge to avoid costly repair or replacement of the lens and to allow permanent use in dust-loaded atmospheres.

As a specific advantage compared to existing similar solutions, the new Xenics Serval offers a scalable detector size of 384 x 288 or 640 x 480 pixels, large choice of lens configurations and optional cooling.