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New open architecture smart camera provides unrivalled performance

28 Jan 2015

The new Adlink Neon series of smart cameras is the first to combine the latest generation of quad core Intel processor running windows embedded, a choice of CMOSIS sensors and GenICam transport layer making it easy to deploy with any PC based Vision software.

It provides systems integrators with a performance that exceeds the capabilities of conventional smart cameras and allows the faster development of imaging and inspection solutions. With powerful quad core computing and FPGA image pre-processing, the Neon can process multiple complex inspection tasks simultaneously. Its open architecture x86-based application ready platform simplifies programming of customised inspection applications and allows the use of existing x86 software such as STEMMER IMAGING’s Common Vision Blox (CVB) imaging toolkit.

Reduces the time to develop imaging solutions

The quad core Intel Atom 1.9 GHz processor gives computing power up to 6 times that of other smart cameras, while an FPGA co-processor accelerates image pre-processing, releasing the CPU for inspection tasks. Rich software support via a GenICam TL interface as well as its own API delivers unrivalled compatibility with the users choice of machine vision software developed on original x86 platforms, such as CVB and other 3rd party software, and allows integration with motion, I/O, and other devices. This not only allows the full capabilities of the most powerful image processing software to be utilised on a smart camera but also significantly reduces the time to develop imaging solutions.

Precise high speed inspection

The Adlink Neon is available in with either 2 or 4 Mpixel CMOSIS sensors, operating at 120 fps and 60 fps respectively. The global shutter sensor provides improved raw image clarity compared to rolling shutter sensors for high speed inspection precision. A built-in GigE port allows the connection of an additional slave camera, or multiple cameras via an external hub, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Simple integration and configuration

Versatile I/O for external device connection includes 4x digital inputs and 4x digital outputs. In addition, USB 2.0 and RS-232 ports support connection to a monitor, USB mouse and keyboard, enabling program and application development directly in the smart camera. A built-in PWM lighting control module eliminates the need for additional lighting controller equipment. The compact footprint and rugged IP67-rated construction enables easy integration into existing lines even in harsh environments, saving space and simplifying configuration.