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New Fujinon machine vision lenses for 3 megapixels and 2/3” format

29 Jun 2016

The new Fujinon HF-XA megapixel lens series from Fujifilm maintains high resolution across the entire image even with change of aperture and working distance.

Fujifilm Europe has announced the release of five Fujinon HF-XA series high performance lenses as a new addition to the lineup for machine vision applications. These new lenses support 3 megapixel for 2/3” sensor format and deliver edge-to-edge even sharpness on sensor sizes of up to 1/1.2”, which are increasingly used for machine vision applications. The majority of new camera sensors comes with sizes larger than 2/3" and requires lenses that support these sizes as well. Therefore the new Fujinon lenses fit perfectly with the latest generation of camera sensors.

The Fujinon HF-XA series consists of five high performance fixed focal length lenses with focal lengths between 8 and 35 mm. The new lenses maintain their high resolving power of 3 megapixels from the image centre to all corners even when the aperture is wide open under low light conditions as well as over changing working distances. This enables a flexible usage of the lenses in versatile applications with consistent image quality.

Each lens in the new series comes with a uniform outer diameter measuring only 29.5 mm. The small size supports the development of compact machine vision systems because the lens diameter is smaller than the size of many machine vision cameras. Furthermore, each lens has three holes for locking screws that allow for the iris and the focus ring to be adjusted from more flexible angles. Even with limited space available, this leads to easy installation for the user.