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Super speed line scan imaging

19 Jan 2017

JAI has added 4k and 8k resolution models to the Sweep series of line scan cameras. These new cameras feature custom high-speed CMOS imagers and are among the fastest monochrome line scan cameras in the industry, enabling users to achieve even higher throughput to give new levels of productivity.

Built to JAI’s high shock (80G) and vibration (10G) standards in a compact 62 x 62 x 48 mm footprint and weighing just 320g, these robust new cameras are suitable for even the most demanding industrial environments. This, in combination with an ambient operating temperature range of -5 C to +45 C and a low power consumption of 5.22W, gives users a low-cost-of-ownership.

The versatile SW-4000M-PMCL can run at up to 200,000 lines per second (200 kHz) for extremely high speed applications and provides 4096 (4k) pixel resolution. The large 7.5-micron pixels allow fast, reliable detection of defects.

Two user-selectable modes

The camera has two user-selectable light collection modes:

  • 'Large well' mode
    When there is plenty of light available, the ‘large well’ mode gives maximum image quality and a better dynamic range. This gives excellent image quality even for objects with high brightness differences and accelerates analysis since all image parts can be analysed in a single pass giving higher productivity.

  • 'Small well' mode
    The ‘small well’ mode gives faster responsivity when lighting is limited or when the shortest possible shutter speeds are required. This mode also allows less illumination to be used in general applications, saving acquisition costs and reducing operating costs by reducing illumination power consumption.

The SW-8000M-PMCL provides double the line resolution to 8192 (8k) pixels while maintaining a fast, 100 kHz line rate for high throughput in demanding web applications.

Both camera models have Mini CameraLink interfaces supporting power over the interface or via a 12-pin connector and can be used in a host of demanding line scan applications. These include web inspection (paper, plastic), print inspection, document scanning, parcel/postal sorting, electronic/wafer inspection, and sports imaging finish line applications.

JAI Sweep

Monochrome line scan cameras with extra large pixels for ultra high sensitivity or with small pixels for enhanced contrast in low light situations.