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9 and 12 megapixel sensors added to Genie Nano GigE camera family

1 Feb 2017

Sony Pregius’ IMX 255 and IMX 253 image sensors have been added to the Teledyne DALSA range of Genie Nano GigE Vision industrial cameras. With 9 megapixel (4KHD) and 12 Megapixel resolution respectively and available in both monochrome and colour, these four new models bring additional options for systems designers while retaining the high quality imaging, speed, build quality and low price point for which the Genie Nano family is renowned.

The Genie Nano range is characterised by Teledyne DALSA´s award-winning and patent-pending TurboDrive technology which allows image data to be transferred for processing at rates greater than normally possible with GigE Vision, but with no changes to the GigE network.

All the usual advantages of Gigabit Ethernet technology are retained, such as transmitting data over standard CAT-5e and CAT-6 cables to distances of up to 100 m. This unique approach means that Genie Nano can deliver its full image quality at 150% or more faster frame rates than normal for a given sensor - giving much faster production line throughput.

The 12M IMX253 sensors used in the Genie Nano-M4040 and C4040 cameras have a resolution of 4112 x 3012.

  • The sustained GigE Vision frame rate can be increased from 9.7 fps to 21 fps (dependent on the image content) using Turbodrive technology and

  • this can be further increased to 40 fps at full 12M resolution using the Burst Acquisition mode in conjunction with Turbodrive, with no decrease in image quality.

For the 9M (4112 x 2176 pixel) IMX255 sensors used in the Genie Nano-M4060 and C4060 cameras,

  • image capture rates of 56 fps are possible using Burst Acquisition and Turbodrive.
  • Sustained rates of 31 fps and 14.3 fps can be achieved with and without Turbodrive respectively.

All of the cameras in the range benefit from DALSA’s Trigger to Image Reliability (T2IR) framework, a built in combination of hardware and software features that improve the reliability of the inspection system and protect against data loss.

The robust construction, small footprint (44mm x 29mm x 21mm), light weight (46 grams) and wide operating temperature range (-20 to 60°C) of Genie Nano cameras make them ideally suited for a multitude of industrial production line imaging applications. They are also used extensively in intelligent traffic systems, printed circuit board inspection and metrology.