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High speed embedded vision for the factory floor

5 Jul 2018

Compact industrial vision systems provide a powerful embedded vision solution for high-speed inspection of multiple features of a part or assembly. A rugged industrial controller acquires, processes and analyses images from multiple cameras for applications such as final inspection of large assemblies. Designed specifically for use on the factory floor, the robust systems run embedded versions of PC machine vision software. This is a cost effective alternative approach to deploying standard PC solutions in harsh industrial environments.

GEVA 4000 is the newest addition to Teledyne DALSA's range of high-performance industrial controllers, providing 25% more processing power than the previous GEVA 3000 model. It is equipped with a low power, Gen6 Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM and high-speed system resources to effectively manage multi-camera applications.

Gigabit Ethernet camera technology

GEVA 4000 utilises high-bandwidth Gigabit Ethernet technology to allow image transfer over the long cable lengths (up to 100 m) needed in factory environments. Six Gigabit compliant Ethernet ports are provided and can be configured for either camera or network use. These can be further expanded using external switches to accommodate larger camera or network configurations. Each connects internally through independent data lanes to alleviate bandwidth bottlenecks often associated with multi-camera acquisition.

The system provides extraordinary versatility since all network ports are compatible with a range of mono or colour area scan GigE cameras, line scan cameras or IR cameras, all with a choice of resolution. They also support PoE (Power over Ethernet) for single cable solutions. In addition to Ethernet, GEVA 4000 provides standard external interfaces for system integration, including display, 6 USB ports and a serial port. Camera triggering, I/O and lighting control is supported using a companion breakout module. The PL-USB module provides an easy and safe way to connect factory I/O to the GEVA 4000 and associated cameras.

Full complement of vision capabilities for tackling challenging tasks

Vision solutions on GEVA 4000 are setup using Teledyne DALSA’s iNspect Express or Sherlock application software. This allows the application software to be matched to user needs and experience. The iNspect Express software is easy to use and requires little or no prior vision experience, while the Sherlock software offers greater flexibility to tackle more challenging inspection tasks. Both packages offer a full complement of tools, together with interfacing and control options for both users and equipment.

iNspect Express offers a simple point and click interface that allows users to rapidly setup and deploy vision solutions. Its logical navigation and practical features appeal to both experienced and new users alike.

Sherlock offers additional flexibility and advanced features for more demanding applications. Sherlock’s programmability appeals to the more experienced vision integrators, allowing mixing of camera technologies within the same application, advanced scripting and GUI customization. For performance migration, applications built on other GEVA platforms with the same camera set up will also run on the GEVA 4000. Fully functional software emulators are provided to allow users to develop or debug applications offline. The emulator maximize machine up time during application development and maintenance.

Reducing costs

GEVA-4000’s expandable camera solution significantly drives down system cost. Its fanless design reduces downtime and maintenance costs associated with deploying standard PC solutions in harsh industrial environments. Deploying a single processing unit offers cost saving benefits compared to the use of multiple smart cameras, where each camera has its own processor.

Teledyne DALSA GEVA Series

A high-performance industrial controller that enables interfacing of GigE Vision and CameraLink compatible cameras. Excellent cost savings for multi-camera vision applications.

Teledyne DALSA iNspect

Rapid Development Interface

Teledyne DALSA Sherlock

Powerful and flexible vision application for factory automation. Additional AI functionalities with Astrocyte.