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10 GigE 4-CMOS prism-based RGB/NIR line scan camera

9 Jul 2019

The JAI SW-4000Q-10GE 4-CMOS line scan camera has four separate 4K resolution sensors for simultaneously capturing red, green, blue and near infrared spectral wavebands. It combines the colour accuracy of prism technology with a fast 10 GigE interface to give true RGB + NIR output at up to 72 kHz. Viewing all 4 channels through a single optical plane using prism technology eliminates many of the problems that can affect image quality in trilinear cameras.


Kopenhagen, Denmark

For more than 50 years JAI has delivered industrial CCD and CMOS cameras with innovative engineering, high-end quality, and operational reliability and durability.

JAI Sweep+

Advanced prism based colour line scan cameras with 3 or 4 sensors for excellent colour precision.