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Ringlight - stroben with high power

  • Current controlled, no 24V!
  • Inner diameter 22 mm
  • Outside diameter 54 mm
  • Colour white (7500 K)
  • Operating voltage 48 VDC, 10.8 A
  • Pulse duration 500 µs, max. duty cycle 1%
  • Natural air-cooling
  • Cable length 300 mm with 4-pin EL2 connector
Product features
Weight (kg) 0.110
Supply mechanism Voltage
Smart no
Power supply voltage (VDC) 48
Input current (mA) 10800
Manufacturer CCS
Mechanical outer diameter (mm) 54
Mechanical inner diameter (mm) 22
Mechanical depth (mm) 17
Lighting technique Front Light
Lighting geometry Ring Light
Light distribution direct
Light colour White
Correlated colour temperature (K) 7500
Beam angle not specified