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LED dark field illumination units with "Light Guidance Technology"

CCS provides a wide range of dark field lights suitable for many different types of surface inspection. The ring shaped CCS FPR and rectangular CCS FPQ2 series are remarkable for their very diffuse light output, which means that no LED reflections from the light unit will pass into the camera. Due to the very compact design, operating distances of 10mm to 30mm are the most effective for the CCS FPQ2 series. The optimum operating distance for the CCS FPR illumination units is 10mm to 50mm.

All CCS FPR and CCS FPQ2 housings are made of aluminium, thus ensuring efficient heat dissipation and a range of colours are available as standard. The green or blue models, available as standard colours, may be particularly useful in certain applications such as PCB inspection or module control. It is also possible to connect a strobe or intensity controller. All the lights in the CCS product range can be strobe and intensity controlled.


  • Inspecting printed characters on ICs
  • Inspecting assembled boards
  • Inspecting the surface of wafers

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