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CVS trevista FLAT

Compact and flexible surface inspection unit

The powerful CVS trevista FLAT takes the trevista dome geometry and reduces it to a flat and compact format. The illumination controller is integrated into the unit, which makes integration into the inspection system easy and makes price-sensitive applications possible.

Thanks to the flat design, not only the surfaces of stationary objects but also of moving parts can be inspected. This opens up flexible handling concepts such as glass rotary plates as well as the inspection of cylindrical surfaces and sheet materials.

The ‘Shape from Shading’ technology that the CVS trevista FLAT uses makes it possible to detect a material defect on a cylindrical surface despite gloss and dirt. The unique procedure deduces information on the three-dimensional shape of an object from the shading of its surface.

Reasons to choose the CVS trevista FLAT

trevista surface inspection

Reliable detection of bad parts based on the topographical information down to the μm range. It provides a minimized pseudo-reject rate, with stable inspection at differing gloss levels. The system provides suppression of brightness fluctuations and gloss effects and a high parts throughput.

Simple integration and maximum flexibility

The space-saving and compact trevista FLAT provides a large working distance: The flat design of trevista® FLAT enables even the inspection of parts that need a significant minimum clearance.

It's simple and quick to integrate into production processes without lengthy testing and burdensome parameterisation. It's easy to wire up, robust and maintenance-free with no readjusting necessary.

With flexible options for camera, resolution, and measuring fields, it's easily adaptable to any application.

trevista process

trevista is based on the patented shape-from-shading technology: diffuse structured lighting guarantees optimum illumination from different directions. Thus, even the most difficult shapes can be fully inspected. The trevista process closes the gap between 2D image processing and optical 3D shape recognition. It combines the speed of 2D image processing and the precision of 3D recognition.

Topographic images are used for the three-dimensional presentation of surface shapes and the presentation of defect characteristics with depths of only a few microns. Generation of a textured image for detection of brightness differences on the inspected components. The trevista algorithm locates and classifies defects quickly, reliably and free of interference.

Algorithm and software

The calculation algorithm is computer-based and integrated into the software platforms Sherlock by Teledyne DALSA, Halcon by MVTec and Common Vision Blox (CVB) by STEMMER IMAGING. These software environments control the automatic evaluation of the topographic images.

CVS trevista FLAT variants

  • CVS trevista Surface FLAT
    For the inspection of static parts, stationary shell surfaces, shiny components up to diffuse scattering surfaces with cycle times up to 200 parts per minute. The system operates with an area scan camera which can be selected according to your individual needs.

  • CVS trevista Cylinder FLAT
    For the inspection of or bright up to diffuse reflecting cylindrical mantle surfaces. Just like all trevista systems, CVS trevista Cylinder FLAT is particularly suited for the inspection of glossy surfaces. Using a line scan camera trevista Cylinder delivers fast and reliable results even for the most challenging cylindrical components.

  • CVS trevista Multiline FLAT
    For the inspection of moving components in rotary or translatory motion. CVS trevista Multiline FLAT is perfectly suited for inspection tasks in running production processes. The system operates with a freely selectable area scan camera which reads out the individual sensor lines. Needless to say, CVS trevista Multiline FLAT systems are already pre-configured by STEMMER IMAGING.

CVS trevista FLAT application1

CVS trevista FLAT application2

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  • trevista® CYLINDER: Testing of cylindrical components Field of view up to 40 mm Ø (depending on application)
  • Internally lighted dome ...


  • trevista® MULTILINE: for inspection of moving parts (Rotation). Field of view up to 40 mm Ø (depending on application)
  • Internally ...


  • trevista® SURFACE: For inspection of stationary components
  • Field of view up to 40 mm Ø (depending on application)
  • Internally lighted ...
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