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Teledyne DALSA GEVA Series

Multi-camera industrial vision systems

Teledyne DALSA's GEVA Vision Systems are multi-camera embedded platforms that have been designed to satisfy your current and future inspection needs. They provide the ease-of-use, performance and flexibility required to meet the diverse requirements of industrial applications while accommodating the needs and experience of end users.

GEVA systems support expandable camera interfacing that offers excellent cost savings for multi-camera applications, such as final inspection of large assemblies. The GEVA family includes a range of price/performance models and comply with standard factory communication protocols, such as EthernetIP, Modbus and Profinet, for connection to complementary control devices.

Reasons to use the Teledyne DALSA GEVA

Robust, reliable and ready for deployment

GEVA vision systems are built to last and are ready to use out of the box. Reassurance that your quality inspection system will run continuously 24/7. GEVA units are designed with no moving parts and are built to operate in harsh industrial environments.

The out of the box solution means you have more time to focus on your application and not on system configuration. GEVA units come ready to integrate with no additional application software or hardware drivers to install.

Flexible design options

GEVA vision systems offer the performance and flexibility to match your current and future needs with performance resources that allow you to keep ahead of your increasing product rates.

The choice of embedded software makes the system adaptable for all users and all usages - Teledyne DALSA’s iNspect or Sherlock.

As your application needs evolve, you can quickly adapt the system to interface a wide variety of area or line scan cameras for mono, colour, IR or even X-Ray imaging.

Cost effective platform options

GEVA vision systems offer an excellent cost benefit for multi-camera applications. The expandable camera technology provides significant cost savings when your application requires multiple cameras, with the “cost per camera” decreasing with every camera that’s added.

If your application requirements change or you want to redeploy the system for a different process, you won’t have to purchase a new vision system. You will only need to purchase cameras if the imaging requirement is different. You can even consolidate hardware purchases by installing 3rd party software to control other aspects of your application.


  • Processor: 5 option from Atom @ 1.6 GHz to i7 @ 2.6 GHz
  • Program memory: up to 16 GB RAM
  • Storage memory: up to 256 GB SSD
  • Camera connections: up to 6 Gigabit (with PoE option) or 2 CameraLink
  • LAN connections: Ethernet 1000 Base T (1 - 2 ports)
  • I/O connections: either integrated or via breakout modules
  • Display connections: VGA, HDMI, DVI-D, integrated touch screen
  • Software: application user interfaces iNspect Express or Sherlock
  • Communications: EthernetIP, Modbus, Profinet, RS232, TCP/IP and more
  • Dimensions: 200 x 144 x 42 mm to 277 x 194 x 88 mm

Markets and Applications

The industrial housing and no moving parts make it suitable for a variety of industrial applications including automotive, electronics, packaging and inspection, logistics (part identification and tracking) and general manufacturing.

Geva camera options

Geva GigE Vision models can have 6 direct connected cameras dependent on the model and can have further cameras connected via an optional Ethernet switch. Teledyne DALSA's extensive range of area scan and line scan cameras are an ideal match for Geva vision systems, however with the CVB acquisition engine for Sherlock we are able to interface to any camera from our portfolio.

Teledyne DALSA cameras compatible with Geva include area scan cameras from VGA to 12 megapixel and line scan cameras up to 16K line length.

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