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Teledyne DALSA Piranha3 - High performance CameraLink Line Scan Cameras

Teledyne DALSA Piranha cameras were developed for applications requiring high speeds and high line rates. Top model of the Piranha 3 exceeds the existing limits of machine vision.

With linear resolutions from 8,000 up to 16,000 pixels plus 8 output channels, this line scan camera provides the ultimate solution for very demanding applications. The cameras achieve a maximum line rate of up to 70kHz, featuring a CMOS line scan sensor for the 16k model.

Application examples

  • Flat panel inspection
  • Parcel sorting
  • High performance document scanning
  • High throughput applications


  • Linear resolution from 8,192 to 16,384 pixels
  • Data transfer with pixel clock 8 x 40MHz
  • Line rate between 23.5kHz and 70 kHz
  • CameraLink interface

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Model Interface Lens mount Pixel size (µm) Horizontal res. Max. line freq. (kHz) Sensor length (mm)
DALSA P3-80-08K40 CameraLink M72 7.0 8192 33.7 57.3
DALSA P3-80-12K40 CameraLink M72 5.0 12288 23.5 61.4

CAM AC-UN-00008

F-mount adapter with reinforced Nikon-Bayonet
* For adaptation (with 4 mounting screws) on the camera front plate

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Teledyne DALSA Piranha3 16k CMOS
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