Machine vision: Powerful core technology

Teledyne DALSA WiT - Highly Graphical Vision Application Development

WiT is a performance software package for developing and delivering algorithm- rich applications. An algorithm developers dream, it uses block diagrams called ‘igraphs’ to describe algorithms in much the same way that engineers draw block diagrams to conceptualize a solution.

WiT enables complex vision algorithms to be developed, managed and deployed. Each block (operator) in an igraph represents a function, typically an image processing or analysis function. WiT has a large operator library, powerful flow control features and allows ‘point-and-click’ rearrangement of operators, thus making it a fully open rapid design environment. Wit also enables user- developed C code algorithms to be represented as icons in the Tool manager in addition to the included tools that are available for re-use.

For deployment, the WiT engine runs the designs or igraphs as they are called, and links them to custom user-interfaces developed using standard Microsoft tools. In multi-CPU and PC applications WiT enables distributed computing, harnessing the power of multiple computers to deliver a truly scalable solution.

iGraphs - The Power of WiT

WiT igraphs can be executed in the background from Visual Basic or Visual C++ applications, making WiT ideal for OEMs and systems integrators in the fields of machine vision, bio-medicine, laboratory science and research.

WiT contains a library of over 300 processing functions, which can be linked togther to form igraphs. The links direct data from the output of one operator to the input of another. Parameters for each operator are easily changed using pop-up dialog boxes. For example, the convolution operator has a kernel editor for programming the coefficients. When an algorithm is completed, the igraph can be executed with the click of a mouse button.

Developers can also create their own image processing functions and add them to the library, as well as developing custom user applications using Visual Basic or Visual C++.


  • Over 300 image processing and analysis operators
  • Manage custom algorithms graphically
  • Executable on multiple CPU and networked PCs for fast processing
  • Supports all Dalsa interfaces and cameras
  • Supports IEEE-1394 and USB cameras
  • Develop custom user-applications with Visual Basic or Visual C++
  • C Code generation
  • Use code generation and call WiT functions directly in C
  • Supports distributed processing
  • Run-time engine

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