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Mitsubishi Electric Line Scan Bar

Contact Image Sensor (CIS)

The Mitsubishi Electric Line Scan Bar series is based on contact image sensor (CIS) technology and offers the perfect solution for the inspection of flat or nearly flat surfaces and objects.

Using a specially developed tri-linear colour or monochrome CMOS sensor, web-like materials can be scanned in colour or monochrome at resolutions of 600 dpi. For front light applications dedicated models including integrated white LED illumination are available.

The Mitsubishi Electric Line Scan Bar series guarantees superior image quality, exceptional colour rendition and excellent reliability. The Line Scan Bars are available in different scanner sizes equipped with CameraLink or CoaXPress interfaces.

Reasons for the Mitsubishi Electric Line Scan Bar

Replacement of complex line scan camera systems

CIS technology is an elegant alternative in high-resolution and high-speed applications which would usually require a set of several line scan cameras. CIS products are very compact, energy saving and easy to install and maintain. The integration of a CIS into an existing machine setup is usually straight forward and requires only minimal head room. The time consuming alignment of several line scan cameras to each other and to the illumination is no longer required.

Easy to integrate line scan system

The Mitsubishi Electric Line Scan Bar series of contact image sensors combine camera, optics and illumination in a single device. Built-in timing control includes encoder inputs and light control and is configurable. This helps in setting up the system quickly and easily and save the effort of aligning and programming all components individually - allowing for the faster commissioning of the whole system. It also reduces the risk of defective components and repair-related downtimes, increasing the operating time of the system.

Precise alignment even in harshest environments

The Mitsubishi Electric Line Scan Bar series include firmly built-in camera, illumination and optics all in a single device. Even in the harshest manufacturing environments with shocks and vibrations, all machine vision components will stay stable and consistently aligned.

Minimal space requirements

The principle of contact image sensors is based on a very compact design with short working distances. The overall system is much smaller than conventional line scan camera systems. This is particularly important to integrators and machine builders for designing and budgeting compact new image processing modules. At the same time, the minimal space requirement also allows hassle-free integration into existing facilities. New applications can be realised, which have not been possible until now due to the size of line scan camera setups or complex mounting solutions.

Integrated lens

The KD-CIS sensor incorporates a particularly designed field of cylindrical lenses (GRIN lens) with a fixed working distance. The telecentric ray guidance guarantees a 1:1 image without any optical distortions. This is an ideal precondition for quality inspection tasks on difficult surfaces. Alignment or focussing of optical components can be omitted when integrating line scan bars. This can save days of mechanical effort. In addition, accidental maladjustment, which can lead to a machine downtime, isn't possible. The image quality is homogenous over the whole sensor width, because the telecentric approach produces no distortion towards the image borders like standard optical lenses do.


  • Sensor size: different scan widths available, e.g. A3, A1, A0 and longer models with up to 1688 mm
  • Resolution: 600 dpi, 300 dpi und 150 dpi
  • Optical: telecentric and distortion-free images
  • Line rate: up to 55 kHz line frequency
  • Bit depth: 8 or 10 bit
  • Illumination: versions with integrated white LED illumination for front light applications available, alternatively without illumination for backlight or dark field applications
  • Interface: CameraLink or CoaXPress
  • Working distance: 12 mm and 27 with depth-of-field 1 mm @ 600 dpi
  • Operating temperature: 5-50 °C

Markets and Applications

  • Checking of security features from bank notes or passports can be realized due to the telecentric set up
  • Print inspection applications where space is tight benefit from the compact design and close working distance
  • The high speed and high resolution bar can replace multiple line scan cameras in surface inspection solutions
  • Defect inspection on textiles and foils in web inspection taks.
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) of PCBs, wafers and solar cells
  • Glass and metal surface inspection

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Model Horizontal res. (Px) Max. line freq. (kHz) Interface Sensor type Pixel size (µm) Sensor length (mm)
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CIS KD6R1064DXL-NL 25056 35.1 CameraLink CMOS 42.30 1064.30
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CIS KD6R1247DXL-NL 29376 29.3 CameraLink CMOS 42.30 1247.80
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CIS KD6R1688DXL-NL 39744 29.3 CameraLink CMOS 42.30 1688.30
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CIS KD6R309AX-NL 7319 22.0 CameraLink CMOS 42.00 309.70
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CIS KD6R309MX 7319 44.0 CameraLink CMOS 42.00 309.70
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CIS KD6R309MX-NL 7319 44.0 CameraLink CMOS 42.00 309.70
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CIS KD6R367CX 8640 55.0 CoaXPress CMOS 42.00 367.00
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CIS KD6R617AX-NL 14829 22.0 CameraLink CMOS 42.00 619.70
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CIS KD6R617MX 14829 44.0 CameraLink CMOS 42.00 619.70
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CIS KD6R617MX-NL 14829 44.0 CameraLink CMOS 42.00 619.70
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CIS KD6R807CX 19008 55.0 CoaXPress CMOS 42.00 807.40
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CIS KD6R926AX 21595 22.0 CameraLink CMOS 42.00 929.60
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CIS KD6R926AX-NL 21595 22.0 CameraLink CMOS 42.00 929.60
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CIS KD6R926MX 21595 44.0 CameraLink CMOS 42.00 929.60
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CIS KD6R926MX-NL 21595 44.0 CameraLink CMOS 42.00 929.60
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