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Phrontier PHORCE

USB 3.0 fibre extender

The PHORCE family was designed to extend SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connections beyond the typical limit of copper cables. We can provide two versions of PHORCE products: a PCIe fibre extender and a standalone fibre extender — that together provide a complementary set of solutions to meet any application. Our USB 3.0 fibre extenders can be used in any USB 3.0 vision application, including general USB data transmission, broadcasting, and animation. It is a user-friendly and compact design that extends up to 300 metre over multi-mode or single-mode and up to 1 kilometre over single-mode.


Standalone USB 3.0 fibre extender

  • Transmission distance: multi-mode or single-mode fibre up to 300 m
  • Transmission bandwidth: 5 Gb/s
  • Power: provides USB bus power to USB devices
  • Low power consumption: ~2W
  • Secure power connector and USB connections with locking
  • Setup: plug & play, No drivers required, available in CWDM-specific versions

USB 3.0 PCIe fibre extender

  • Transmission distance: single-mode fibre up to 1 km
  • Transmission bandwidth: super-speed 5Gb/s, high-speed 480Mb/s, full-speed 12Mb/s, low-speed 1.5Mb/s
  • Low power consumption: ~1.75W
  • Secure power connector and USB connections with locking
  • Compatibility: USB 2.0 backward
  • Operating system: host processor and OS independent

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USB 3.0 Fiber Adapter

  • Support USB 3.0
  • Avoid EM interference in oversized copper cables
  • Up to 150 m ...
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