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Schneider 12k/16k line scan lenses

High resolution line scan lenses for macro applications

This series is made for high resolution 12k and 16k line scan cameras where the magnification reaches macro level.

Supplied with the popular V-38 mount, these lenses can very easily be adapted to pretty much every noteworthy camera mount on the market, like C-mount, M42, M58, M72, M90 or M95

Reasons to choose the Schneider Kreuznach 12k/16k line scan lenses


Although all lenses are optimised for one magnification, these lenses can be used in various different scenarios, thanks to the popular V-38 mount. This mount has many advantages; one of the most popular ones however, is, that it can adapt almost all relevant camera mounts and comes in a wide range of different focusing solutions, (see Schneider Unifoc). Another popular advantage is: it can be mounted backwards - just unscrew the mount and attach it on the other side of the lens to receive a so called retro lens position. The MTF then must be read backwards.

Homogenous optical performance

The series offers a very homogenous contrast and relative illumination over the whole image circle whilst having practically no distortion.

Broadband coating

Just like most of Schneider lenses, this series comes with a broadband coating from 400 nm to 1000 nm making it suitable for many different lighting conditions.


  • Maximum sensor size: 12k (5 µm pixel size)
  • Maximum sensor size: 12k (3.5 µm pixel size), 16k (5 µm pixel size)
  • Interface: V-38 to adapt many camera mounts, like C-mount, M42, M58, M72, M90 and M95
  • Broadband coating: 400 nm to 1000 nm
  • Miscellaneous: reverse position of the lens is possible (to enlarge the magnification range), the iris can be fixed, as can the focus (with any Unifoc system)

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Model Camera mount (optics) Focal length (mm) Max. sensor size Magnification (min) Magnification (max) Optimised magnification
SCHNEIDER MACROVARON 85/4.5 V38 85.10 62.0 mm 0.500 2.0 1.00
SCHNEIDER SYMMAR 120/5.6-0.33X V2 V38 120.00 90.0 mm 0.230 0.375 0.33
SCHNEIDER SYMMAR 120/5.6-0.50X V2 V38 120.00 90.0 mm 0.375 0.675 0.50
SCHNEIDER SYMMAR 120/5.6-0.75X V2 V38 120.00 90.0 mm 0.675 0.875 0.75
SCHNEIDER SYMMAR 120/5.6-1.00X V2 V38 120.00 90.0 mm 0.875 1.125 1.00
SCHNEIDER SYMMAR 50/2.8-3.50X V38 50.80 62.0 mm 3.500 3.5 3.50
SCHNEIDER SYMMAR 80/5.6 V2 V38 80.00 100.0 mm 0.500 2.0
File Topics Size
Schneider APO-Componon 12 90/4,5
Data sheets
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Schneider Macrovaron 85/4,5
Data sheets
250.4 KB
Schneider Makro-Symmar 120/5.6-0.33X | 2.0
Data sheets
308.3 KB
Schneider Makro-Symmar 120/5.6-0.50X | 2.0
Data sheets
308.2 KB
Schneider Makro-Symmar 120/5.6-0.75X | 2.0
Data sheets
302.3 KB
Schneider Makro-Symmar 120/5.6-1.00X | 2.0
Data sheets
306.0 KB
Schneider Makro-Symmar 80/5.6 | 2.0
Data sheets
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