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Smart Vision Lights R80

4 high current LEDs in a square housing

The Smart Vision Lights R80 is a high current ring light. Beside the standard version R80 dedicated to continuous and triggered operation, the overdrive version ODR80 delivers up to 5 times more light.

Both versions operate with either an NPN or a PNP signal and run on an industry standard 24 VDC. The simple plug and play 5-pin M12 connector allows easy wiring.

The 0-10 VDC intensity control assists in gaining full control of the light output. A standard 42 mm inner hole diameter allows for use with nearly all camera systems with available step-up and step-down conversion kits adapters.

Reasons to use the Smart Vision Lights R80

Equipped with PNP and NPN strobe input

Used in strobed mode the light can easily be triggered from the strobe out signal of the camera.

Integrated driver

The built-in driver allows the light to work in continuous operation or triggered mode. Its 0-10V analogue control line gives the user total control over intensity in both modes.

Manufactured in a variety of wavelengths

The R80 ring lights are available in the following standard colours: White (6500 K), blue (470 nm), green (530 nm), red (625 nm), IR (850 nm) and IR (940 nm), UV (365 nm) and UV (395 nm).

Different lens options

The light series is available with either standard or narrow angle optics.

Accessories for more flexibility

The device features a standard 42 mm inner hole diameter for use with nearly all camera systems, with step-up and step-down conversion kits adapters. Diffusor and polarisor kits reduce reflections and allow solutions to a wide range of applications.

Special overdrive variant available

An overdrive version with ODR80 dedicated to applications with a need for high light intensities is part of the series.


  • Colour: white, blue, green, red, IR (850 nm and 940 nm), UV (395 nm and 365 nm)
  • Lens: standard or narrow beam angle
  • I/O: built-in driver with integrated strobe input, PNP and NPN input available
  • Miscellaneous: overdrive version ODR80 also available

Markets and Applications

This is a general purpose illumination product fitting a wide range of applications.

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