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Smart Vision Lights XR256

High speed strobe light

The Smart Vision Lights XR256 Series is a high speed, high power, strobe light with a maximum strobe rate of 5000 Hz and a pulsed energy rating of 2000 Watts.

The XR256 offers 8 manually controlled settings between 20 µs and 8 ms strobe pulse duration in pulse initiated mode, as well as a preprogrammed 2% duty cycle. It can also be operated in pulse following mode. Thanks the SafeStrobe technology XR256 ensures LED protection against overheating and premature degradation.

Reasons to choose the Smart Vision Lights XR256

Xenon lamp replacement

The high power, high speed LED strobe light with up to 5000 strobes per second is dedicated to illuminate big areas at high speed. XR256 is designed as an alternative to xenon lights with a longer life time and less maintenance. Replacing a xenon lamp in an existing application is easy thanks to the adjustable beam angle and various colours available.

Exceptionally short pulse delays

The time delay between trigger and full light output is just 1 µs. The high amount of light provided allows for extremely short exposure times, resulting in higher image quality due to less motion blur.

Pulse following or pulse initiated operation

Depending on the camera, there is a choice between pulse initiated or pulse following mode. In the first, the camera triggers the start of the pulse and one of the 8 preselected pulse widths is available. In the latter, the light follows the camera trigger, i.e. the light is on as long as the trigger signal is high (up to 8 ms).

Overheat protection

The SafeStrobe technology manages the temperature, pulse width and duty cycle to avoid premature degradation of the LEDs due to overheating.


  • Colour: white, blue, green, red and IR (850 nm)
  • Modes: only for strobe mode, pulse length 20 µs-1 ms
  • I/O: drive built-in with integrated strobe input, PNP and NPN input available
  • Beam angle: 14, 20, 30, 50,80 degrees. Further angles upon request

Markets and Applications

  • Illumination of large areas in logistics applications
  • Print inspection systems with high throughput
  • High-speed systems like PIV to analyse fast processes

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Model Lighting technique Lighting geometry Light colour Light distribution Beam angle
SVL HIGH SPEED LIGHT XR256-530-14 frontlight area light (panels) Green direct narrow
SVL HIGH SPEED LIGHT XR256-625-30 frontlight area light (panels) Red direct wide
SVL HIGH SPEED LIGHT XR256-850-50 frontlight area light (panels) IR direct wide
SVL HIGH SPEED LIGHT XR256-WHI-14 frontlight area light (panels) White direct narrow
SVL HIGH SPEED LIGHT XR256-WHI-30 frontlight area light (panels) White direct wide
SVL HIGH SPEED LIGHT XR256-WHI-50 frontlight area light (panels) White direct wide
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